I am a creative guy – an ideas man

I am a problem solver and leader at heart

I want to see Revival and Reform in Africa

I love learning new things – keep the brain alive and ticking

I believe that anything is possible if humans work positively together.

This blog is here to share some of my creative work, to share ideas I have, to showcase South Africa and for general information.

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Crowdfunding in the Developing world

I wanted to give a quick shout out to the guy at Allied Crowds who map out emerging world crowdfunding. You can find them here. Sign up to read their reports and statistics on crowdfunding in the emerging world. I truly believe that we can use crowdfunding to greatly improve the lives of people in the emerging … Continue reading Crowdfunding in the Developing world

A Growing Passion | Crowdfunding | It’s History

As the Internet becomes a more prolific force in the lives of more humans we are definitely going to see greater collaboration using internet enabled platforms. Peter Diamandis speaks of the rising billions in terms of the emerging world’s citizens who are gaining access to the internet. This is extremely exciting as greater access to … Continue reading A Growing Passion | Crowdfunding | It’s History

Striated Skies No. 52 – Nothing to be scared of

The Banghoek (meaning “scary corner”) valley is located over the Hellshoogte pass and an area in which I will own an estate one day. The picture for this striated sky was taken on the Oldenburg wine estate (in the Banghoek Valley) looking up at the Drakenstein Mountain Range. Banghoek Valley, got its name due to the … Continue reading Striated Skies No. 52 – Nothing to be scared of

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