This blog is an inaccurate account of the life of Kevin Ian Allen.

This guy


and some of his ideas, thoughts, creations and potential overshares.

Kevin is an African, ExO consultant, Entrepreneur, Abundance believer, Speaker, Creative, Crowdfunding specialist  and believes in positively impacting the planet through teaching and learning.

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Exponential Attributes: Staff on Demand

The first External attribute is the S of SCALE which stands for Staff on Demand. If you want to embrace this attribute I suggest taking a look at this great open source tool developed by the ExO Ecosystem and the Growth Institute. You can also read Chapter 3 of Exponential Organisations. Staff on Demand (SoD) refers … Continue reading Exponential Attributes: Staff on Demand

Exponential Attributes: MTP

A Massive Transformative Purpose is essential for an organisation that wants to exponential, in fact I believe that it is vital for an organisation to thrive in the 21st century. Am MTP is more than a vision or a mission it is an aspirational statement that captures the hearts and minds of the people inside the … Continue reading Exponential Attributes: MTP

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