Buying online

Shopping online is something that the world has become used to and something that South Africa is doing more and more. Buying stuff online makes sense as you don’t need to go anywhere and the prices are usually less. The big downfall is you have to wait for shipping which can take a while and there is the chance it does not arrive. Everything that I have ever bought online though has always been delivered.

Lets say you want to buy a DVD online where do you go? You need to go somewhere that is cheap and will deliver within a short space of time. If you want it now then you might as well drive down to the shops and get it.

When I went on a search to find the cheapest Big Bang Theory Season 1 – 4 disk set, I was shocked at what I found. I found that you can be charged anything from R106.00 – R501.00. The two most expensive sites both showed what a saving you were getting by using thier sites. I enjoy shopping online and encourage all South Africans to do so, so that e-commerce in SA gets bigger and better and better and bigger.

So my best choice for DVD’s and Books is Number 2 and 3 for price would be and

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