Cape Town trip: East London to Uniondale

So I promised that I would blog more because I downloaded WordPress on my phone and have not used it since, so I think that it is now about time to do so. So the trip started in East London on Thursday at about 11am when I finished work. We drove through King and up to Grahamstown where we stopped for lunch and took a drive onto campus. My word I barely recognized the place, what is up with pepper grove mall, a sushi bar and a drive through KFC? Even the rat has got a little more snooty, I guess you have to call it the Rat and Parrot now. So from Grahamstown we drove the
through PE and then onto the Langloof, which is a little plain and quite long. We stopped in Kareedouw to buy some water from a friendly grocer with very friendly staff, dont know if it’s because they work at the friendly grocer or whether whey are happy people. Kareedouw is not much to write home about, dusty!

The next small town was Joubertina, which is 510km from East London. We know this because for the 40km before Joibertina we where hoping that we would not run out of petrol, we rolled into Joubertina and pulled into the primary health care clinic where the matron and the security guard kindly showed me that the petrol station “were straight down dis rode” and then waved good bye as we drove off. The petrol station was awesome with a Toyota garage and a car wash. In the town was a beautiful church and a tractor graveyard and not much else although everyone was friendly. From Joubertina with a tank full of petrol we continued on through Louwterwater where there were many apple packing factories and farmers on four wheelers and motorbikes without helmets. The turn off to Uniondale took us on a windy road that finally had some decent views with some towering rock faces which made some nice pictures as well at some orange beard lichen. We ended up arriving in Uniondale in the early afternoon but the story of Uniondale is for another time




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