Cape Town 2011 – Day 3

On Day three we found ourselves going back to the V&A Waterfront and since on day two we paid R60 for parking we decided to park in the R10 parking near the circle on Coen Steytler Ave and walk up on the road to the waterfront.

Cape Town Travellers tip: If you park in the R10 parking you can walk past the Cape Grace which is much quicker than walking on the road :-). 1.2km vs 500m

We started at the Shimansky’s Diamond Museum in the Clock Tower Mall, we had seen this on day one but were feeling a little sea sick and thus gave it a skip. The museum has a R50 entry fee which was waived as the museum had just opened. It was a great tour and ended in the most immaculate jewelry show room where they insisted Lauren try on a “My Girl” diamond ring that was beautiful but was R65 000. (click on the link above for more info.)

After that we went on to the Two Oceans Aquarium where we were in time to watch the feeding of the Rays and turtles in the I&J exhibit.  Due to the fact that is was christmas Father Christmas came and fed the animals. The Aquarium is a great place to go to with awesome exibits and is in good nic. Great place to go especially if you have small kids.

After the Aquarium we had a bite to eat at one of the Cafes and then went on the Wheel of Excellence that towers above the waterfront. It was a bit scary when we started as the wind was blowing and the cabin rocks back and forth when the wheel stops but the views from the top were awesome.

After getting off the wheel we thought that the weather looked great and thus thought a trip up the mountain to watch the sun set would be a great idea. We drove up to the mountain and had to park quite a distance from the cable way building but due to the fact that our tickets were bought online we just made our way up to the cable car which had no queue. There was a long queue of people waiting to go up for the sunset trip which is a little cheaper. We got onto the top of the mountain and started to walk and have a look at the the views from the top but unfortunately the wind came up and it was freezing, along with the wind came the clouds that make up the table cloth. We tried to see as much as we could but the cold was too much to bear and we thus went up to the cafe for some hot chocolate, coffee and cake. Due to the cold the Cafe was very busy and finding a table was very difficult.

We found a table that had a couple sitting at it but there were two free chairs which they said we could use, and we sat against the short wall. The couple were a brother and sister who were polish and they invited us to sit at their table, they were waiting for the ladies husband who was climbing the mountain. We had a great chat and they told us about their visit. The brother told us a funny story of how they had seen a rhino that was lying down but he said: “this would not make good photo so I step out car and shout at rhino with waving of hands and then rhino get up and I get very good photo and I is still living.”

The weather did not get any better but we wanted to watch the sunset so stuck it out just out of the wind on the steps outside of the cafe, but unfortunately in the end it was not up to us and the siren went off and everyone had to leave the mountain, luckily did get a few good pics.

Once down at the base of the mountain there was barely any wind and we made our way home.

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