FunctioninART Indiegogo Campaign gets first contribution

Firstly I have to say that I should be studying for my MAA and OB exams which are Monday and Wednesday next week but I am too excited about the fact that the first contribution of $250 has been made to our Indiegogo campaign. This contribution has put some life into our campaign and some excitement in our project. As soon as the exams are over I will be putting up some more updates and Lauren and I will try to get some more of the pieces finished and the pics up on the website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. So If you are interested go to our Indiegogo page and check out our project and have a contribution…. you will be changing the lives of at least two East Londoners (no connection to the olympic games – but show some olympic spirit).

Go team KL, FunctioninART is on its way… Nigel Desmond you are a Legend.

So if you want to follow on Twitter it is: @FunctioninART



And of course our website: 

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