Striated Skies no. 14 – Thank you Mr Hermann

Striated Skies

I have a love for architecture and appreciate a beautiful building almost as much as a beautiful piece of nature. I am always on the look out for real gems and the Carl Hermann Building is one of those gems.

I first saw this building when attending a Startup Grind event at the Townhouse Hotel in Cape Town. I fell in love with this building and said to myself that I want to own it one day. On my second trip to Startup Grind I decided to take a picture of the building in order to give it a Striated sky.

The building is in a victorian style and was classified, by the South African Heritage Resource Agency, as a Heritage Site in 1990. It was designed by Parker and Forsyth and completed in 1905. Currently called the Carl Hermann Building, this beauty was previously called the W Irving Building. Woolworths Pty(Ltd) own this building and it houses offices. The building is maintained very well and is a real jewel tucked away in Cape Town Centre. The northern side elevation of the building is a blank canvas that would be the perfect place of a mural such as a picture of Table Mountain if the building where not there.

North Elevation


Come on Woolworths find it in your hearts to beautify the side of this building or give it to me to do :-P. Make your way down to Corporation Street and check it out.

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