Striated Skies No 26 – Back to Bainskloof

26. Back to BainskloofGiven Bainskloof’s beauty and the fact that I forgot to mention the gravity hill on the way into the pass in one of my previous posts, I had to go back to a Bainskloof inspired Striated sky…

So what is a gravity hill, well it is where the surrounding landscape causes an optical illusion and makes it feel as though you are rolling back up hill. The magnetic hill in question is located, at 33°38’41.1″S 19°03’55.7″E, at the turn-off to Antoniesvlei campsite. If you want to try it, drive 5.3km from the Wellington Museum on the R301, towards the pass, and stop opposite the turn-off, make sure there are no cars behind you, put the car into neutral and you will roll back up the road.

Gravity HillIt is quite a weird feeling and and a fun way to start a trip on a beautiful road in the beautiful country of South Africa.


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