Striated Skies No 29 – Steenbras Steal #2

29. Steenbras Steal #2


The Steenbras Dam Reserve is a spectacular place with rock formations and fynbos that are amazing. I am so priveledged that I got to drive around the dam and hope that the City of Cape Town are able to make access by the public available via a permit in the future. We did not venture into the garden below the wall. It looks simply beautiful and well kept.



The dam is an earth-fill dam and sits just above Gordan’s Bay. The arial photo’s below by Craig Lotter show the dam sitting above Gordan’s Bay high above the sea.












The Steenbras Dam is used to provide water for Parts of Cape Town as we as a Hydroelectric plant in order to assist with electricity in peak times. When electricity demand is low, water is pumped from the lower Koegelberg dam into the Palmiet dam then Steenbras. During peak times the water is allowed to flow back through turbines thus providing extra electricity. This has in fact helped the City of Cape Town to reduce the amount of Loadshedding that has to take place.

As I have already said, hopefully the dam can have visitors rights restored in order for the People of Cape Town to enjoy this beauty

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