Striated Skies No. 35 – Defending 133 Years

Striated Skies

The Piketberg Dutch Reformed Church was built from 1880 – 1882, inaugurated on 28 April 1882. The design is Neo-Gothic in style by architect, Carl Otto Hager. The building is contructed from Table Mountain sandstone from the west of the town.

The Piketberg mountains flanking the town are its namesake and were given this name as the Cape Government from 1655 placed Piquet’s (Millitary outposts) on the mountain during clashes with Hottentot clans. Piketberg was spelled Piquetberg until the 1930’s when it changed to its current spelling.

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In 1836 the then Governor of the Cape Sir Benjamin D’Urban donated the Farm “Grootfontein” to the church council as they had started to build on the land. The town remained under church management until 1906 when it was handed over to the municipality.

One cannot deny the beauty in the design and construction of the amazing church building. It is very unfortunate though that as the town name suggests, people had to be driven from the land via war and conflict in order for this building to erected. This statement makes me think deeply about humans, our past, present and future. This is a rather serious thought regarding how people see themselves in terms of superiority. Human nature is extremely complex and I am not going to get into a thesis here. What I do ask of people though is to broaden your mind and see that there are many different perspectives. Understanding that this is the case and being open to others views and the possibility of changing your own is what society needs.

The town of Piketberg is most definitely worth a visit. The views of the mountains and farm land are spectacular and it is further proof that South Africa has so much to offer. For more information on Piketberg see  the links below:


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