Exponential Attributes: Leveraged Assets

Leveraged Assets is the fourth Attribute in the SCALE acronym. In Chapter 3 of Exponential Organizations you can read more about this and I suggest taking a look at the open source tool developed by the ExO Ecosystem.

The idea behind leveraged assets is to take advantage of spare capacity that exists in the new collaborative consumptive world that we now find ourselves in. Leveraging assets of others is more cost effective and allows for scaling. Both physical and digital assets can be leveraged and there is no reason that businesses do not take advantage of this.

Leverage.pngFrom a digital point of view you can leverage the following:

  • Server capacity using AWS, Google, Azure, etc.
  • AI and machine learning capacity using Watson, AWS, TensorFlow, etc.
  • VR environments such as AltSpace or High Fidelity
  • What other digital assets can be leveraged?

Physical assets that can be leveraged include office space, vehicles, equipment etc.

You can see how easy it is to leverage assets and therefore reduce the fixed costs that you have in running your business. You can take this to the next level and turn leveraged assets into your business model but that is not a requirement. Of course AirBnB, Uber and many other companies have in fact taken the leveraged assets idea to the next level turning it into their business model.

I encourage you to think outside the box, is there a way for you to leverage assets in an innovative way? Is there a way to leverage the asset of the community that you have build around your MTP? At this stage leveraged assets may seem to morph with Staff on Demand as intellect and services offered by people may be seen as an asset.

Are you using leveraged assets to grow your business?


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