What do organisations look like in 2030, 2050 or 2100?

Business Leaders from the 80’s and 90’s will be the first to tell you that in the last 38 years business as usual has been rather unusual. The organisation has changed dramatically a few times and at a pace that has been much more rapid than ever before. The lifespan of top companies (Fortune 500, S&P 200, FTSE 100, etc.) has been declining with the rise of tech companies which are now some of the most valuable companies in the world.

Organisations have changed from large people centred ecosystems to ecosystems which are a mixture of technology and people. With the rise of AI and Robotics the outlook is that the technology portion of the organisation will continue to rise. Simple repetitive task will be able to be replaced by computers opening up the opportunity for much more efficient production of work and therefore a lower cost of the goods or services produced.

Whilst we gather more and more data from devices we must make sure that we do not forget about the human element of the equation. Humans remain a vital part of the ecosystem of an organisation and it is more important than ever for the ecosystem to be understood by all the participants within the ecosystem.

If we look out to 2030, 2050 or 2100 what will the organisation look like? Will companies be completely decentralised and distributed? Will be have full time employment? Will education look the same or will we continuously learn and re-skill? These are all questions to consider. We do not have a crystal ball and therefore cannot make an exact determination but I highly recommend that you think about these questions and continue to learn more.

I recently attended a webinar with Peter Diamandis and Kai-Fu Lee where they spoke about Dr Lee’s new book AI Superpowers. Dr Lee shared these very interesting diagrams about AI’s impact on certain job roles. I have seen this before in a TED talk that he gave. What do you think, is this correct? How can you take advantage of this in your business?

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 15.07.05.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 15.07.18



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