Striated Skies so far…

Striated skies

2015 is rushing along like years seem to do these days and so far I have published 12 striated skies out of the 52 for the year. I am thoroughly enjoying this project and hope that you are too. Let me know what has been your favourite so far.

Tomorrow I will publish number 13 titled  “Creeping Condensation”.

Striated Skies No. 13 – Creeping Condensation

13. Creeping Condensation

On a recent trip through the Huguenot tunnel I had to stop on the side of the road in order to capture the clouds that were rolling over the mountains. I stopped at the road to the Du Toitskloof Resort and Trout farm. This resort is somewhere that I would really like to stay at and having researched it a little I definitely want to stay. Interestingly I found out that a lifestyle estate is being developed on the site and more info can be found here.

The Du Toitskloof peak is the highest in the Western Cape and is a barrier between the sea and the inland. The mountains are made up of Table Mountain Sandstone and are part of the Cape Fold Mountains. The Cape Fold Mountains act as a rain shadow, the wettest parts of the Mountains can receive 1,500 millimetres (59 in) of rain, Worcester (approx. 35km from the Du Toitskloof Resort) receives only around 200 millimetres (8 in). The clouds that creep over the mountain push up over the mountain and often you can go from a completely overcast day in Cape Town to no clouds as you get through the tunnel.

The creeping clouds show how the topography of the Cape affects the weather and remind me of how amazing life is.


Striated Skies No. 6 – Suspended Beauty

6. Suspended Beauty

Taken from the Du Toitskloof Pass this piece shows another of the many beauties that South Africa has to offer. The Du Toitskloof Pass, which was built by Italian prisoners of war during the second world war, is a scenic drive that gives you expansive view over the Boland. The pass was replaced by the Huguenot tunnel in 1988 and takes you through the Du Toitskloof mountains between Paarl and Worcester. The tunnel is 3.9km and makes the trip approximately 11km shorter. For more on the history of the Pass click here.

I have driven both the pass and the tunnel and if you have time on your hands I would suggest driving the pass over using the tunnel.