Striated Skies

Striated Skies No 32 – TaalMonument

Striated Skies


The Taal Monument (Afrikaans Language Monument) can be found on the Mountain above Paarl. It gives you a history of the Afrikaans Language and is a monument to the language and its origins. The view from the monument is stunning and you can have an awesome home cooked style breakfast or lunch at the Volksmond Coffee Shop. This is an absolute must go to spot if you are in the area. The views are absolutely stunning and it is worth the R20 entrance fee.

The monument iScreen Shot 2015-08-16 at 11.19.27 AMs 40 years old this year and and developing a new website for the occasion. For more information you can view their Facebook page. All sorts of events take place at the monument, from concerts and full moon picnics to trail running events.

If you take a drive up to the monument then I suggest that once you are done take a drive along the Jan Phillips Bergpad to the Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve. The views are stunning. Please note that you do need cash in order to enter the nature reserve so check here or call to confirm the amount.

When you are in the Paarl area on your wine tasting adventures and discovering what the Cape has to offer make sure that you put this on the to do list.




Striated Skies so far…

Striated skies

2015 is rushing along like years seem to do these days and so far I have published 12 striated skies out of the 52 for the year. I am thoroughly enjoying this project and hope that you are too. Let me know what has been your favourite so far.

Tomorrow I will publish number 13 titled  “Creeping Condensation”.

Striated Skies

Striates Skies No. 12 – One Paarl Pearl

Striated Skies

Paarl is the largest town in the Cape winelands municipality and is the third oldest town in South Africa. The name Paarl is derived from the large granite dome mountain that exists in Paarl. In 1657, in search of new trading relationships inland, Abraham Gabemma saw a giant granite rock glistening in the sun after a rainstorm and named it “de Diamondt en de Peerlberg” (Diamond and Pearl Mountain), the diamond part was dropped but Pearl stuck.

Paarl is a beautiful town in terms of the nature, farms as well as the beautiful Cape dutch architectural buildings. I would suggest taking a drive through Paarl before heading to one of the many award winning wine farms on the Paarl wine route.

You will be sure to drive past the thatch church building that inspired this piece.