Happy New Year 2015

Positive 2015.

So 2015 has started and this year I am going to be more positive. Too many South Africans look at the negative things that are happening and allow this to be the frame of reference from which we live our lives. I say we because I often find myself doing the same. So my only “resolution” for 2015 (I say “resolution” because most resolutions are not followed through)  is to be more positive and to rather look at the positive in the world in order to attract more positive into my life.

I therefore urge others to do the same. Have positive declarations that you make every day and LIVE your life from a positive base. Do not let the negative people among us change your frame of reference – KEEP BEING POSITIVE. If we all look for the ways that we can make life better, rather than complaining about why it is not better, it is a much better use of our energy and time.

So Happy New Year to everyone, 2015 is going to be a year that is full of prosperity!!!