Perigee of the Moon 18th March 2011

Apogee and perigee refer to the distance from the Earth to the moon. Apogee is the furthest point from the earth. Perigee is the closest point to the earth and it is in this stage that the moon appears larger. Looking at the moon in the sky without anything to compare it to, you wouldn’t notice any size difference. But the difference in size can in fact be quite significant.

The Moon tonight is much brighter and a little bigger. It will be the largest perigee moon since 1993 and will be 356,577 km away. Pretty cool

The Pics


do it justice, just a point and shoot to take the pics with :-). (Hint Hint)

Flying in a crop sprayer :-)

So today, I flew to PE, a 33minute flight in a 29 seater plane, flights were pretty good seeing that we were in a “crop sprayer” 🙂 (yeah I know you do get smaller planes). Spent the day at our PE plant, Fairly interesting and saw how the other side works. I thought that I would post some pics of the plane since I have not written on this blog for a fairly long time.