FunctioninART Indiegogo Campaign gets first contribution

Firstly I have to say that I should be studying for my MAA and OB exams which are Monday and Wednesday next week but I am too excited about the fact that the first contribution of $250 has been made to our Indiegogo campaign. This contribution has put some life into our campaign and some excitement in our project. As soon as the exams are over I will be putting up some more updates and Lauren and I will try to get some more of the pieces finished and the pics up on the website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. So If you are interested go to our Indiegogo page and check out our project and have a contribution…. you will be changing the lives of at least two East Londoners (no connection to the olympic games – but show some olympic spirit).

Go team KL, FunctioninART is on its way… Nigel Desmond you are a Legend.

So if you want to follow on Twitter it is: @FunctioninART



And of course our website: 

Time for a post

Life has remained extremely busy and work, studying and FunctioninART have taken up all of my time. It is now time for a new blog.

As I sit on the couch, with the olympic 10 000m race playing on the TV in the background and Lauren making pancakes for church tomorrow, I am thinking about how life is what we make of it. Not to become too philosophical, life is short and needs to be lived.

The Olympics 2012 have been much better for South Africa but unfortunately tonight Mokoena did not do too well in the long jump. We have got to watch only a few of the events due to the fact that the SABC only show certain events. Today we got to see some Track racing at the velodrome and learnt a little about the sport and what it entails.

Team pursuit

Definition: The team pursuit is a race with two opposing teams, starting on each side of the track. The winner is determined by either catching the other team or recording the fastest time. The men event is run over four kilometres by teams of four riders. The women event is run over three kilometres by teams of three riders.

If you want to know more about track cycling click here for the rules. I did not realise that there were so many rules right dont to the size of the bikes and the colour of the paint on the track.

So thats a little about what is taking up most of the news at the moment… Well done Shelly-Ann and Jamaica for the women’s 100m.

Okay that is enough about the Olympics and on to Organisational behaviour.

So my Organisational behaviour module for my MBA is showing me how in business we dont really practice what the theory teaches us. The practice is varied and wide and I have been reminded that as a manager it is up to you to determine what you and your staff produce. Remember to stay positive.

Please remember that FunctioninART’s Indiegogo campaign is running and we are still awaiting the first contribution….. it could be you.