Off to see the Snow

This should have been Posted over a month ago but was not blogging actively then and just thought about this now

because the company Lawyer saw me today and in front of the GM told me how great Lauren and I looked on the front Page of the Herald,

so here goes…

On Monday 25 July 2011, one of the coldest days that I have experienced in East London, I went off to work and at around 10am my BEAUTIFUL wife phoned to say that it was snowing inland and that she would really like to see the snow. “Would you ask your boss if she will give you the rest of the day off to come and see the snow”. We were having a strike at the time and thus leave is not granted but I tried my luck because I LOVE Lauren. My boss said that it would be fine as long as I keep it on the down low and we could pretend I went to the dentist. We had an awesome time, I have posted a link to the video on You Tube that I created to remember the event (Click Here)

While playing in the snow on the side of the road, a car stopped and a man with a rather large lens, and camera, asked whether he could take our picture and so we said sure, he then explained that he was from the dispatch, our local newspaper, and asked whether it would be okay if they printed our picture. I thought about it and what my boss had said and looked into Laurens big brown eyes and said okay, thinking that the picture will most likely be a small page three article, well as the title gave it away the picture was on the front page and was not a small one either. Needless to say that I got asked many questions at work about my dentist appointment, luckily it was taken in a joking way and I did not get into too much trouble (@)