Family and You

family-6I wanted to take some time to write a post about the importance of family. In December 2017 our family were lucky enough to spend Christmas together in George. That meant 2 parents (I think Grandparents is what we have to call them now ūüėú), 7 Children (4 siblings and 3 spouses) and six grandchildren for a total of 15 people, two of those people are under one year old right now.


We spent two weeks together and it was magical. Was is plain sailing? The answer is most definitely no but that is not the point. We are all individual people and it is amazing to be able to love one another despite all your differences. As siblings we realised that we are there to support one another and decided that we would ensure that we communicate better especially given that we live in different cities. We were challenged to be open about things in order to encourage closer bonds.

I am so privileged to have a family that are so close and will be there no matter what. This is not a fact to be taken lightly as it makes a massive difference in the confidence of people and their likelihood of success in life.

It saddens me to think that there are families out there that are split apart because of misunderstanding and ignorance.  This situation does require openness from all parties and I guess when that is not possible it is sometimes better for there to be a split in order for a healthy family relationship to be built.

Human character and behaviour are such complex topics and I wish we could have a quick fix for people to take a positive standpoint in life as at the end of the day it is about the individuals first. I always encourage people to understand themselves first and how they can be the best self first. We live on an amazing planet with so much to be grateful for. I am not advocating head burying but rather to face up to adversities as challenges that can be overcome with diligence and positivity.

It is not always easy and many times I have to remind myself to take a dose of this medicine, but I believe if you are conscious of the fact that for you to have the best life possible then you have to make that happen.

Give that some thought and always be looking for solutions!


Striated Skies No. 10 – Memory Jump

10 Memory JumpMemory jump depicts a childhood memory my mother has. On a recent trip to visit my parents in George we took a drive to Mossel Bay. We went down to the rock pools that my Mother remembers from a family holiday many moon ago. The rock pools form a channel of water that provides a natural water attraction. This location is a great place to have fun as a child and I would recommend a visit on a nice hot summers day.


Cape Town holiday 2011 – Day 5

Around the Cape Peninsula

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Day 5 started early with a drive from Pinelands into Cape Town and through Sea Point to Camps Bay. We stopped off in Camps bay for a bite to eat and a walk on the beach. To be totally honest it did not seem very impressive but then again it was early in the morning. The beach was totally empty and we had a short walk on the white sand as the wind was up and it was a little miserable. The property in Camps Bay/Clifton is insane. Huge houses all packed onto the side of¬†the¬†mountain all looking to the beautiful blue sea. Whilst driving in Camps Bay we did see Paraglider’s launching from Lions Head. This is something we will have to do next time.

From Camps Bay we continued on to Llandudno and took a drive around. Once again there are many houses that look out at the sea all packed on top of each other. The beach was protected from the wind and we had a quick walk. We drove past Sandy Bay but the parking was full and so we did not stop to see what all the fuss is about.

We continued on to Hout Bay where we went to the harbour which smelt of fish and was rather nasty. Lauren bought a hat which I am sure was made in China. Hout Bay is not what I remembered as a child. We did visit some galleries but I was not too impressed with the Rebublic of Hout Bay. Maybe we did not explore enough.

On the other side of Hout Bay we paid our toll fee and started the drive up Chapmans peak over to Noordhoek. The drive up and over the Peak is stunning, the view, the engineering and the huge rocks in the chain nets that tower over you as you drive along. As the pass comes to an end there is a beautiful beach which welcomes you into Noordhoek.  Noordhoek is a quaint little village full of artists and what you thing of when you think of Capetonians.

From Noordhoek we took the road on to Kommetjie which does not have that much to offer but has a large white lighthouse that towers over the beach. The guide books and the sign at the lighthouse say that you can take a tour up the lighthouse but unfortunately the the staff never came back from lunch and so we sat and waited for nothing.

We drove on to Cape Point which was the main attraction of the day, another one of the Cape Town big 6. Along the way we past the location for our first holiday home, Misty Cliffs.

Misty Cliffs is a Conservation Village located within a larger conservation area of incredible natural beauty, and is surrounded by pristine ocean and mountains. The beautiful blue sea  on one side and the mountain on the other with its fynbos and boulders makes you feel like stopping and staying forever, to sit on a stoep watching the sea by day, walk on the beach in the evening and sleep with the sound of the waves at night.

From Misty Cliffs we drove on through Scarborough to Cape Point, paid the entrance fee and drove into the park towards the actual point. We were stopped and asked to park in the secondary parking spot and a buss took up up to the top. This was actually quite nice as we did not have to walk too far, especially since we decided not to use the funicular but rather to walk up and down.

Travellers Tip: Give yourself an entire day just to see Cape point national park. There is more than just the point. We did not give ourselves enough time and it was up and down and then on our way to Simons Town.

Cape Point is a spectacular sight and shows off God’s creativity, we unfortunately did not see any Baboons which made Lauren very sad as there are signs all over the show telling you to watch out for Baboons and urging people not to feed them.

We drove on, with False bay out in froms of us, the blue sea extending out with the Hottentots-Holland mountains in the distance.

We stopped in Simons Town hoping to check out a few of the numerous attractions in this Naval Town but unfortunately the town pretty much shuts down at 4pm and so even though it was light enough to be 1pm we could not do very much. We took a drive down to Boulders beach but did not feel too excited to have to pay a whole lot of money to stand in a crowd with hundreds of Americans and Europeans facinated by the African penguins that call Boulders beach home. Instead we walked along the quiet board walk where you too could see the penguins.

From there we drove on to Kalk Bay, through Fish Hoek. We had supper at the Brass Bell with my Folks, Sister and Brother-in-Law.

Having been to Cape Town before I was disappointed that we arrived so late and thus could not see any of the attractions that False bay has to offer.

Traveller’s Tip: Spend time in False Bay it has lots to offer, go and find it and then tell the world about it.

The roads from Kalk Bay through to Muizenburg are lined with old settler buildings including Rhodes Cottage and other historical buildings. There were road works that made it a little difficult to navigate but when we are back in Cape Town we will definitely do some more exploring on that side of the mountain.

So we waited around for 7pm to meet every one for supper. We did sneak into a restaurant to use a bathroom and to get changed into our night time going to a restaurant clothes, and I had to use the ladies with Lauren standing guard as the guys loo was occupied for some time :-).

The supper at the Brass Bell was very good, the food there is amazing and they believe in a good portion size. We had to take a doggy bag home. The Resturant is right next to the harbour, on the tidal pool. We had a great evening and we spent the latter part of the evening watching the waves crash up against the wall.

Traveller’s Tip: If in Cape Town, go to one of ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Brass Bell’s¬†5¬†Restaurants

Cape Town Holiday – Day 1

First day in Cape Town after we had had a great night sleep in the Adlard’s spare IKEA beds, is was a saturday and we made our way down to the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, we were early and thus missed the traffic and the crowds.

Note to those travelling to Cape Town, if going to the biscuit Mill arrive early to get a good parking and go directly to the organic food market otherwise everything will be busy and most likely finished.

The biscuit mill is awesome, a great idea and is uplifting a suburb that was a little bit of a slum. It is however rather overpriced.

After leaving the mill we went back to the Adlards and all went off to Kirstenbosch Gardens for a picnic lunch under the trees. The Gardens are awesomely beautiful and a great place for a birthday, wedding, picnic or just to chill out with beauty all around you. We walked parts of the Garden but they are fairly large and thus didnt do the whole garden.

Note to travelers to Cape Town, when going to the Gardens, go early and spend the entire day there chilling under the mountain and taking in the beauty that is South Africa

After the Gardens we watched an awesome sunset behing the mountain from Pinelands.

Cape Town trip: East London to Uniondale

So I promised that I would blog more because I downloaded WordPress on my phone and have not used it since, so I think that it is now about time to do so. So the trip started in East London on Thursday at about 11am when I finished work. We drove through King and up to Grahamstown where we stopped for lunch and took a drive onto campus. My word I barely recognized the place, what is up with pepper grove mall, a sushi bar and a drive through KFC? Even the rat has got a little more snooty, I guess you have to call it the Rat and Parrot now. So from Grahamstown we drove the
through PE and then onto the Langloof, which is a little plain and quite long. We stopped in Kareedouw to buy some water from a friendly grocer with very friendly staff, dont know if it’s because they work at the friendly grocer or whether whey are happy people. Kareedouw is not much to write home about, dusty!

The next small town was Joubertina, which is 510km from East London. We know this because for the 40km before Joibertina we where hoping that we would not run out of petrol, we rolled into Joubertina and pulled into the primary health care clinic where the matron and the security guard kindly showed me that the petrol station “were straight down dis rode” and then waved good bye as we drove off. The petrol station was awesome with a Toyota garage and a car wash. In the town was a beautiful church and a tractor graveyard and not much else although everyone was friendly. From Joubertina with a tank full of petrol we continued on through Louwterwater where there were many apple packing factories and farmers on four wheelers and motorbikes without helmets. The turn off to Uniondale took us on a windy road that finally had some decent views with some towering rock faces which made some nice pictures as well at some orange beard lichen. We ended up arriving in Uniondale in the early afternoon but the story of Uniondale is for another time