Speaking in Absolutes

Have you ever used the word Always or Never in a heated discussion? Have you ever has these words used towards you? How did it make you feel?

Speaking in absolutes is something that you should avoid and think twice about before using. I have made this a rule in my life and today while at a #sheinnovates festival I was reminded of this.



Does your partner really never change the toilet roll. Does your employee really always come late to meetings? The answer to these questions is most likely NO! By you stating that they always or never do something you immediate create a defense response from them and it does not create an environment that is conducive to rational discussion and debate.

This is a short piece of advice that you most likely know deep down inside. To avoid falling into the trap make a rule that absolutes are not allowed this standing rule will then allow the person to whom the absolute is expressed to say, “hey we don’t talk in absolutes”, reminding you of your rule and the diffusing the situation rather than causing a backlash. It sounds to simple but it really does work.

Create this rule today and improve your conflict management significantly! Or don’t that is also okay šŸ˜„


Sunday Rambling | It’s been a while!

Working 7 days a week has become my norm for 2016. I have found that I have quite a resilience and enjoy a life that is full of busyness rather than nothing to do. Working in a scale up business in the fintech space has definitely been worth it to date. I have met awesome people and have had to learn and stretch myself in different areas. I am enjoying being out of the pharmaceutical world; being confined to the box of pharmacist.

I count myself very fortunate for the situation that I currently find myself in. Sure it is definitely not easy or simple but doing something important never is. I have worked hard in order to be in a situation where I can make a difference. So some of the negatives are: personal projects are on the back burner, my body is being neglected, I am not focusing on my social life.

Realising the negatives and ensuring that IĀ do not forget about them and overcoming them is important. People go on about the journey of life and I do want to make sure that I am making the most of it.

Part of my current role has allowed me to look into different companies, researching and learning in order to ensure that we know where we stand in terms of our industry and what we need to do to push forward. Doing this has reminded me how full of information the internet is and how so much information is lost in the enormity of it, for example how this blog is a microscopic speck in the galaxy of the internet. One could look at this in two ways: I am insignificant and therefore should play no role on the internet or wow, there are billions of people who are a potential audience.

I will be sharing some of my internet finds moving forward and plan to take on a more consistent role of sharing online.

So this week I will share a find that was sent to me by our CEO, Scott Picken. If you are interested in start-ups, venture capital and entrepreneurship then check out CB Insights. You can sign up for free for 30 days and you can find out a whole lot of information regarding the funding of companies and more. The info is pulled from the internet and it not completely accurate, I say this as the info onĀ our company is not completely correct.

That is it for today.


Striated Skies

Striated Skies No. 34 – Yellow Road to Porterville

Striated Skies

I came across this beautiful scene on a trip north of Cape Town,with Lauren, between the towns of Piketburg and Porterville. The Green fields and the yellow flowers both on the tree and the ground cover provide an amazing picture that made us stop. The drive up took place on a Sunday in order to discover more in our beautiful Country.

Piketburg and Porterville are about 1hour and 20 minutes from Cape Town and the day trip up to the towns was great. The fact that it was a Sunday did mean that there was not much open in terms of wine estates, restaurants etc. but we did happen to find a quaint restaurant, next to the Piketburg Spur to have lunch

On the drive up we also stopped at FullSizeRender (20)the Desert Rose Farm Stall, which was recommended by Dunn’s CastleĀ (a Guest House I called asking about Sunday Lunch). The Farm Stall is great but it was quite busy and a little early for lunch.

The two towns are rather small and quaint. I will give more detail in terms of the towns with the Striated skies that are still to come depicting the two town churches…. so look out for those.

It seems to me that no matter where you go in South Africa you can find something of natural beauty and I therefore recommend that people go out there and explore.

Striated Skies No. 11 – Passion Prickly Pear

11. Passion Prickly Pear


The Prickly Pear is a Cactus that is native to the Americas and in particular Central America. Prickly pears were introduced into other countries including South Africa over 300 years ago although a spineless version was introduced as a crop in 1974. The Prickly Pear is a member of theĀ Cactus opuntia family and became fairly invasive in South Africa due to the fact that no natural pest existed. The cochineal insect was introduced in order to contain the spread of the prickly pears to prevent damage to the natural environment. Interestingly cochineal insects are used to produce a natural red dye.

Prickly pears are a delicious fruit and must be eaten very cold. When peeling the skin off the fruit you have to be very careful Ā as the fruit containsĀ spinesĀ andĀ glochids (the fine prickles, or bristles) that readily dislodge and may cause skin and eye irritation. You can find many videos online showing you how to cut a prickly pear.

If you have never eaten a prickly pear then I suggest that you do but don’t have too many as the edible pips can cause a blockage in your pipes. This is in fact an argument my wife and I have as she believes that if you follow the prickly pears with a cup of tea it actually has the opposite effect.

Prickly pears may not be indigenous to South Africa but I have eaten them all my life and have a passion for prickly pear eating especially when they have been peeled by someone else!!!

Striated Skies No. 9 – Function and Form

9. Form and Function

Last Friday, the 27th of February I finished my job as a Warehouse Pharmacist next to the Cape Town International Airport. I loved working near the airport to view the wonder of flight on a daily basis. I do not think that the fact we as humans manage to get that much weight up into the sky will get old for me!!! I thought that it was thus fitting to put together this piece that depicts a plane landing with a pile of wooden pallets destined for recycling. I love the contrast that exist between simple rudimentary wooden pallets and all the technology in the plane which we take for granted. Many people may view each of the items in the same functional light and that interests me…. I hope you like the piece as well as the picture below.

I love being inspired by what I see so leave a comment if there is striated sky you would like to see. Places have to be in South Africa and preferable in the Western Cape.

Airport Extra picHave a great week and find someway to make another person smile!