Time flies

I cannot believe that it has been almost a year since the last time I posted a blog. The last blog spoke of SIMPLISTIC and my MBA. Well SIMPLISTIC is unfortunately no more as the market in East London did not seem to buy into the product and the second year of the MBA seemed to take up much more time than the first.


With regards to the MBA I have completed my last two exams for the last course work modules and therefore only have three electives and a treatise to write next year. Will start with the literature review this year still so that I can get the show on the road. Universities are rather bureaucratic with things such as ethical clearance and what not so would like to get a head start in order to refine the end product and hopefully complete all the studying and writing by the middle of next year (most likely early September).


If you want to know what the topic of the study will be you will have to wait a little longer as it is still being refined… wont have to wait a whole year this time as I plan to share my educational nuggets as I go along the way.


NUGGET OF WISDOM FROM A YOUNGSTER: Always look for the positive…in situations, people, places!!! It goes a long way in allowing you to attract further positivity.