Striated Skies so far…

Striated skies

2015 is rushing along like years seem to do these days and so far I have published 12 striated skies out of the 52 for the year. I am thoroughly enjoying this project and hope that you are too. Let me know what has been your favourite so far.

Tomorrow I will publish number 13 titled  “Creeping Condensation”.

Striated Skies No. 2 – Sun Drenched Sun Beam

Sun drenched Sun BeamInstalment two of Striated Skies, which should have been published on the 11th (….from now on I will strongly attempt to be better at publishing the pictures as planned), is titled Sun Drenched Sun Beam and is a Photograph taken at the Sonstraal Dam in the Northern Suburb of Cape Town. The picture was taken at around sunset while myself, my wife Lauren and her parents were out at the dam feeding the geese and ducks. The setting was beautiful and we had the ‘pleasure’ of being scolded by a local man who asked us not to feed the fowl as the number of geese on the dam had increased tremendously since people had started feeding them. He said that the fowl were responsible for the fact that there was very little grass around the dam. He explained, apologetically,  how the geese ate the grass thus killing it. The man walked around the dam with his dog chasing the geese back into the dam to keep them from foraging on the land. We did stop feeding the fowl and went to look for the sign that told us not to and low and behold there was a sign that explained….. see a picture of the sign below. IMG_3217   The sign mainly talks about Mallard ducks and how they are a threat to the the water fowl in Cape Town. So if you are in Cape Town, Northern Suburbs, then take a relaxing stroll around the dam and please do not feed the ducks