It is time to define success

Always remember that you are an individual and that there is no one on this Earth with its 7.6 Billion people that have the same DNA makeup as you. There may be many people that are similar, with aspirations that may be the same but no two people are exactly the same. It is vital to remember that when it comes to the notion of success. You need to define what success looks like in your life. You can use others as inspiration but do not simply follow someone else’s success path because it looks as though they are living a wonderful life. A great place to start when determining what gets you out of the bed in the morning and what you need to strive towards to be successful is the Japanese Ikigai. It is a great tool that you can use to determine your purpose and therefore what you should work towards to have success.

There are 4 areas of life to look at, these are:

What you love

What you are good at

What the world needs and

What you can get paid for.

Where three areas intersect you can have a great life but there is something missing.

At the Intersection of What you love, What you are good at and What the world needs You have great fulfilment but you have no way of making money which we all need to live.

At the Intersection of What you love, What the world needs You and What you can get paid for. You have excitement although uncertainty as you are not good at what you are doing

At the intersection of What the world needs, What you can get paid for and What you are good at, you are comfortable but you do not feel fulfilled

At the intersection of What you can get paid for, What you are good at and What you love, you will feel satisfaction but purpose is missing.

The intersection of all four of these areas is your purpose.

Take time to look at these areas, try different things, fail, make changes and move towards your purpose. Something that is quite important to understand is that there may be variations of this or different areas of focus at different times in your life. Having said that I do believe it is important to have a personal MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) and the Ikigai is a great tool to help you determine what it should be.



Success and Failure

Success, Quote, Failure, Overcome

I have been watching and listening to a number of motivational speakers and business people recently, as it is time for me to live out the potential that I have inside of me.

Side note: how lucky are we that we live in the age we do and the fact that there is so much information available on the internet.

Listening to all of the successful people and writing down what they had to say resulted in me coming up with a thought. When it comes to failure you have two options. 1. Do something and avoid failure or 2. let failure overcome you. I hit the internet looking for the person who most likely said “go out and overcome failure; don’t wait for failure to overcome you”  and was somewhat shocked that no one had. I thought to myself here is a good quote and it is mine.

Thanks to the wonder of the internet I have the ability to share this quote and possibly change someones life without knowing, so I decided that is exactly what I would do. In order to make sure that I increase the chances of my quote being memorable I made it look good by turning it into a colourful picture. As I looked at the picture it hit me that this was not a great quote. No, this quote focused on failure and if you focus on failure then failure is what you are attracting. The quote had to change, it is not as clever but is better. I would like to speak to everyone out there and say that SUCCESS, what ever you feel it is, lies within your own hands, so “go out and be a SUCCESS; don’t wait for failure to overcome you.

This is the time of year that everyone comes up with New Year’s resolutions that they usually don’t stick to. I urge everyone to rather visualise the 2015 they want and to take action steps to make it a reality!!!